Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Getting Back on the Metaphorical Horse

After only using Photoshop for school for so long, I finally decided to do something for myself. While I may not be the best at starting my own projects, I often find myself adding to the projects of others. Today's work was inspired by Desktop Stables and my complete and utter obsession with more, more, more!

So here I sit, flitting between Photoshop and Google image search, making up even more labels for grooming supplies. 

What I've been staring at for over an hour!
 This is all I have to show for it at the moment, as I had to make everything from scratch. It's been a while since I did such a thing (most of my feedbag files have been sitting on my computer, untouched for just over a year now), but it feels good to put so much detail into something that I don't have to draw!

Now to just figure out what products to tackle next! Some Mane N Tail Mineral Ice to sooth sore joints? Tuff Stuff to keep the herd's hooves in prime condition? Maybe even some sheath cleaner? (Hey, I do have several studs and geldings!) I should also make some saddle soap containers, as well as lots and lots of treats...

Maybe this was less getting back on the horse and more falling back down the rabbit hole!

Saturday, 3 December 2016

The Official Wishlist

These are models that I am actively and seriously looking to buy - If you have any of these guys for sale, please let me know!

Regular Run Models:

Special Run Models:
Sheila, Breyerfest 2016
Mamacita y Chico, Breyerfest 2016
Jasmine, Breyerfest 2011

Premiere Club Models:

I guess the only other thing to keep in mind is that I live in Canada, so shipping will probably look expensive and scary.

Friday, 6 May 2016

What a Busy Weekend!

 Last weekend was a whirlwind of events. In addition to my show on Saturday, something very special happened on Sunday! As I have mentioned before, my best friend breeds Quarter Horses and Paints, but the first of this year's crop has been born.

Kachina (Henry's First Lady), with her brand new filly
 She's an adorable little paint filly, with some wonderfully loud markings. Doesn't she look so much like her momma?

Bendy baby legs!

What a precious face!

I just love foaling season!

Toronto Live 2016

Last Saturday, I attended my very first live show. The night before, I was up until nearly midnight, slaving away on my first Western Pleasure set...Yet it still had at least 4 hours of work that needed to go into it. Did I mention that I needed to be up at 5am? Needless to say, the idea of showing in novice performance was abandoned entirely, as there was still tack that needed to be made in addition to the WP set. So, I stumbled off to bed.

The morning before the show went smoothly. Everyone was packed up, and no items were forgotten. There is a distinct possibility that this may be a first in model horse showing history, haha! In the days before the show, each individual model was given their own carefully crafted documentation, tucked away in a binder. If there is anything I have learned from my years of reading Jennifer's blog, document everything!

Driving to the show was expected to be a 2 hour highway slog, but encountering a nasty accident left traffic at a complete standstill for 20+ minutes. I have no idea what happened, but I hope everyone survived. Minor accidents are horrific enough.

Eventually I arrived at the show hall with my meager spread of common models. I didn't want to overwhelm myself by bringing too many horses, but I couldn't help but feel inadequate compared to the other tables. All were filled, and with a good number of drool-worthy pieces. Suffering from a bad case of pony-envy, I laid out my horses.
Clockwise from Top Left: Secretariat (Keep The Dream Alive), Ganache (Signed in Alcohol), GG Valentine (Sweet Niagara Wine), Heartbreaker (Double The Bourbon), ELCR Lady Phase (Write Me A Story), Platinum Star (In Search Of Stardom), Thunderstorm (Thunderbird), Keltic Salinero (Unsung Hero)

I honestly didn't take many pictures, and out of the ones that I took, only 3 were really presentable. Whoops! I was too busy pacing and attempting to do something that resembles socializing, which (spoiler alert) I am extremely bad at.

I did well enough at keeping track of my classes, and didn't miss a single one. It probably helped that I only brought 8 horses, and also made a copy of the class list that I added the names of my entrants to. If only this level of organization extended to all areas of my life!

Out of everyone who came along, only half were in the ribbons. This wasn't really a surprise as I don't have and exceptional models. However, I do own a Thunderstorm that had won a NAN card at Breyerfest the year she was released. She is exceptional, and I was expecting big things from her. What I wasn't expecting, however, was this...

Keltic Salinero (Unsung Hero), posing with his ribbon and NAN card
My first, well, first! And in a positively massive Warmblood/Sport class, too! This was particularly noteworthy, as all my other models that had been on the table previously were either awarded 6th, or were out of the ribbons entirely. Yes, even my Arabian that I had placed so much hope in. But, I suppose the hero's song is being sung now, after all!

Keltic Salinero (Unsung Hero), on the callback table

 Overall, I had a really lovely time at my first show, and I even gathered up the courage to donate some raffle prizes. I didn't catch the name of the lady who had won my saddle pads, but she seemed to really like them. Hooray for validation?

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Panic Time!

So, I am going to my first show ever this weekend. I have been staying up late finishing a pleasure saddle, tagging horses, hammering out documentation...Yet still I feel like I don't have enough time. I wish I had someone to help!

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Happy Drunk Idiot Day!

Everyone stay safe, and be smart.

Also cool fistbump to those hiding in their rooms drinking plain juice and watching Youtube videos, like me! Today is not the greatest day to be living on campus at a college.

Harley D Zip (Sharp Shootin Lark), ridden by Cloud

Western Gaming Pads

I recently spent a weekend back at home and while I wanted to show off one of the stall toys I had made, it is currently broken from my cat knocking it off a shelf. Whoops.

So, I spent part of the weekend drafting up a pattern for a Western gaming pad. The first 2 iterations didn't really turn out, but I'm quite pleased with these ones. While I have not attached wear leathers yet, they are otherwise finished.

 My first acceptable pad is purple, and unfortunately does not photograph well by any means. In pictures, it comes off as blue and iridescent, but it's really just a marbled darker purple. The square stitching in the middle is also a little off center and too low on one side, This will only really work under a larger saddle or in photos.

Harrison (Galileo Figaro)

 It looks pretty cute on Galileo though, huh?

 My second pad is very, well...Purdy, haha! The stitching on this one is also not quite right, but at least any mistakes are covered up by a saddle.

Harrison (Galileo Figaro) - Still looking good and masculine!
 I might be sewing up some more with this fabric eventually, so perhaps I can create some little gifts. Maybe. We'll see ;)